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The main goal of the Vulture drone was to be compatible with the Sony RX0II camera, and because this was such a difficult task, this frame ended up being capable of much more! It is a versatile platform that enables pilots to use small action cameras like GoPro and Sony RX0II, as well as cinema cameras like BMPCC4K and RED Komodo.

It's a compact little beast of a drone that is up for a wide range of jobs whether you are chasing race cars or filming talent up close.

For detailed information on recommended parts check out the Vulture Rotorbuilds page.

Check out the Vulture GrabCAD page to download STLs for free including spare camera clips.

The Vulture sports a vibration isolation mount that uses a new damping technique that doesn't require viscoelastic materials like silicone Betagels. Instead, the camera mount slides back and forth along precisely 3D printed polypropylene bushings to cancel out vibrations along the lateral axis. This completely eliminates jello when using cameras like the Sony RX0II. Before the Vulture, the Sony RX0II could only be used with 5 inch drones or smaller, but thanks to this new discovery, 6 and 7 inch props are compatible with this sensitive, but amazing camera.

The Vulture is similar to a cinelifter in that it handles a variety of payloads, but in addition, fast workflow was a major concern in its design. A miniature camera quick release system was developed in conjunction with the vibration isolation mount to allow rapid and tool-less swapping between camera payloads.

For those who value versatility and don't always want to bring several different drones for different applications on set, the Vulture is a great option to simplify things for you. The Vulture is suitable for camera payloads ranging from 120g all the way up to 1500g without requiring changes to the PID tune. Of course, with light payloads the Vulture becomes a speed demon capable of the most aggressive of acro maneuvers. And once it's bearing a cinema camera, it is a great cinewhoop platform when used with optional propeller guards.

Summary of Features

  • Quick release camera clip system
  • Vibration isolation mount compatible with Sony RX0II
  • Wide payload capacity 120g-1500g
  • Optional press-on propeller guards for cinewhoop mode
  • Easy tuning with integrated frame damping
  • Removable side shrouds to protect internal components


  • 6 inch propeller size
  • 8mm thick arms
  • 281g frame weight including camera mount and side shrouds
  • Motor-to-motor diagonal dimension is 268mm

Kit Includes

  • Carbon fiber plates (including a VTX stack mount adapter)
  • Stainless steel hardware (including 3X PH3 countersink 1/4-20 in camera screws)
  • 2X PETG camera clips
  • 2X PETG side shrouds
  • 2X 19mm FPV camera side shims
  • 2X TPU landing feet
  • 2X PETG Battery rail pads
  • 2X PETG 20mm joining brackets
  • 4X PP slider bushings
  • 2X PETG SMA antenna mounts
  • Custom-cut silicone rubber pads
  • 1X 300mm x 20mm battery strap
  • 2X 250mm x 20mm battery strap