RX0II C-Mount Lens Adapter Plate

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Learn more about compatible lenses and camera settings on the RX0II C-Mount Rotorbuilds Page.

The biggest goal at Straw Hat Aerial is to create the best flying experience for professional FPV pilots and push the boundaries of what is possible with camera technology. The c-mount plate designed for the Sony RX0II camera is one step closer to achieving that.

Why this advancement is significant is because there is a large gap between GoPro footage and cinema cameras when it comes to color science, dynamic range, and color grading. A Sony RX0II paired with a suitable c-mount lens will put this camera firmly in place between GoPro and a mirrorless SLR type camera in terms of image quality without adding too much weight penalty. At 250g, a c-mount RX0II setup is a perfect camera to be combined with the Vulture 6inch FPV frame for insane acro ability with more cinematic image quality.

Using quality glass, the Sony RX0II's full potential is unleashed because not only will some of these lenses enhance the low light ability of this camera, but also increase the FOV without affecting sharpness at the edges of the image as much as cheap aftermarket wide angle lens adapters.

This CNC anodized aluminum plate is both durable and lightweight. The design maintains the compact form factor of the RX0II and prioritizes image quality first.

The red locking ring is a keystone feature of this adapter plate. What is allows is for easy custom focus adjustment with any c-mount lens. C-mount is a standard with a 17.526mm flange-to-sensor distance, but quality control of vintage, modern CCTV, and Machine Vision lenses is not the best and back-plane focal distance can vary substantially. The locking ring solves this issue by adapting to any variance with fine manual adjustment.

The back end of the c-mount adapter conforms to the waterproof gasket seal of the RX0II, preserving the camera's weather resistance. Alignment of the plate to the Sony RX0II is headache free and ensured to fit perfectly.


  • Fits Sony RX0II and RX0 cameras
  • Compatible with most c-mount lenses
  • Anodized CNC aluminum construction


  • 1X c-mount adapter plate
  • 1X 30mm lock ring
  • Additional mounting screws