Vulture Propeller Guards

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Check out the Vulture GrabCAD page for free STL downloads of prop guard fittings in case you have a bad crash and tear one of your 3D printed fittings.

Most propeller guards for cinelifters are made of carbon fiber because it is easy to manufacture, lightweight, and rigid. The issue is that they care quite brittle becuase they are typically thin and lightweight and they can still cause property damage and injuries because the edges are sharp. Ideally, plastic injection molded prop guards would be used, but for larger propeller sizes like 5 inches and above, the mold cost is too high to justify. 3D printing ducts or guards is feasible, but cannot be manufactured quickly and efficiently...

My solution to this problem was to use a combination of 3D printed Polypropylene parts and custom extruded nylon tubing. The nylon tubing is lightweight, smooth, and flexible enough to protect the propellers and not cause damage to whatever they impact. The Polypropylene prints are key because 3D printed PP is just as strong in the Z-axis as it is in the X and Y axis due to it's superior layer adhesion. This makes the 3D prints very durable in crashes and allows for more complicated design geometry.

An important design consideration for these prop guards was to make installation and removal as easy as possible. This would allow for the Vulture to become a convertible drone, switching from action cam to cinema camera quickly and without requiring tools. The "prop garter" system has a dual function, both to hold the outer rim and to keep the tubes fixed to the arm ends using a plug that fits inside the 8mm motor holes.

Thanks to the incredible layer adhesion of the polypropylene 3D prints, hose barb-like fittings can be used to join the nylon tubing segments without compromising durability and maintaining flexibility to conform to the curvature of the guards.


  • Compatible with 6 inch props
  • HQ 6x4.5x3 cinewhoop props recommended
  • Extruded 1/2" nylon tubing
  • 3D Printed PP fittings
  • No tools required
  • 127g total weight
  • 400mm wide when installed


  • 10X 73mm tubing segments (6" radius)
  • 4X 250mm tubing segments (3" radius)
  • 4X PP 3D printed prop garters
  • 4X PP 3D printed hose barbs
  • 4X PP 3D printed end plugs