BMPCC4K Spare Monitor Extension V2

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This PCB connects to the LCD side of the extension system and allows connection to the jumper cable. It is one of three parts needed to complete the entire LCD extension system. The other components are the motherboard-side extension and the jumper wire cable harness. Or you can purchase the whole set HERE.


This PCB is compatible with the Pigeon 3.0 naked cage design. Please refer to the installation instructions below on how to install the system.


  • Rigid 1mm PCB construction
  • 80-pin connectors with 10,000 mating cycles
  • Low RF interference and improved signal integrity


  • 1X Monitor Extension PCB

Installation Instructions

Follow the guide below to properly install your upgrade LCD extension kit for proper fit and function:

Next up is the monitor extension PCB! Use two small strips of 3M VHB mounting tape and stick them on the back of the PCB. You can use any other strong double sided acrylic foam-based tape that is about 0.5mm thick.
Align the monitor extension PCB with the back of the LCD and stick it down and connect all the plugs. NOTE the above image is the new version of the LCD case which uses 1mm carbon fiber side plates to secure the connector plug in place to prevent stress on the LCD when mating the connectors.

If you have the Pigeon 3.0 cage LCD case you will need to 3D print a TPU brace that slides and clicks around the connector and provides support for the plug. You can find the STL for that HERE. Download the "PCB Brace V5" part file.

After 3D printing your PCB brace you must use side cutters to trim off the bridging filament that supports the latching clip so that you can fully insert the brace and latch it into place behind the connector edge to lock it.

After adhering the the monitor extension PCB to the back of the LCD and connecting the ribbon connectors, slide the TPU PCB brace onto the connector until the internal latch engages and clicks into place. You may not hear a click since it is TPU, but you can tell visually when the bump is gone and the surface is flat.