Vulture 7in Extended Arms

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WARNING! By converting your Vulture to 7inch, you will be sacrificing some things. One is, you'll no longer be able to use the 6 inch prop guards. Two, is you won't get quite as smooth footage with small action cameras in windy conditions due to the lower RPM of 7inch props. These extended arms are suitable for pilots who plan to use the Vulture mostly for outdoor acrobatic flight with heavy payloads such as BMPCC4K and RED Komodo.

Use discount code VULTURE7 at checkout when purchasing a Vulture frame kit and a set of 7 inch arms if you wish to replace the standard 6 inch arms with these arms and you will get $45 off. If you wish to have both sets of arms, then do not apply the discount. If you use this discount code with the 7 inch arms only without purchasing a Vulture frame kit, your order will be cancelled or modified.


  • 8mm thickness carbon fiber
  • Fits the Vulture FPV frame
  • All four arms are identical and interchangeable


  • 4X extended 7 inch arms for the Vulture frame