Soft BetaGels for Cinelifter

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This 100% silicone bushing is an affordable alternative to the AlphaGel A-2 bushings.

From my testing I found that original Alphagels do in fact have slightly better vibration damping performance than these simple silicone bushings, but the difference is not great enough to justify paying $40-50 for a set of four. 

These BetaGels are meant to be used in either a flat or vertical orientation with cinelifters including La Mamba. 

BetaGel Schematic Black


  • One-piece design prevents gels from falling out
  • 100% Silicone ensures temperature change will not affect durometer
  • Aluminum sleeve ensures proper squish factor and is lighter weight
  • Soft durometer is slightly stiffer than AlphaGel A-2 bushing
  • Designed to be used with cinelifters
  • Color: Red


  • 4X soft red BetaGels