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I adore Le Puffin. Not because it's the fastest flying bird or the most athletic. Even the squealing voice (although very cute) could be improved. What makes Le Puffin so loveable is how fun it is to fly with the control-feel in the air to hit the same gaps you would with a normal cinewhoop. And if you decide to throw some ducts on, the air feels like peanut butter (smooth not crunchy) for accurate, slow speed control best for indoor use and around talent.

For detailed information on recommended parts check out the Le Puffin Rotorbuilds page.

Visit my GrabCAD page for 3D printing your own spare TPU parts.


Le Puffin Full side view

Le Puffin on the scale

This frames weighs about 240g, not much lighter than Le Pigeon actually. This is mostly because of the extra standoffs and propeller guards. In fact, with ducts installed, it is much heavier at 360g. It doesn't feel like a tank though and it's a delicate balance between durability, efficiency, and tunability. In fact, Le Puffin is so easy to tune that you can really push the PIDs and filters in order to achieve a very locked in feel even when flying outdoors with ducts on. In contrast to many cinewhoop frames meant to carry a GoPro, Le Puffin was designed to produce as smooth and solid of footage as possible right out the the camera without stabilization.

Le Puffin damped arm system

Le puffin has a the same arm mounting system as Le Pigeon incorporating silicone damping to reduce vibrations and take up any slack or room for movement among the fasteners. This also separates the flight stack screws which makes arm swapping easier.

Caddx Camera Mount

DJI Camera Mount

This frame is designed to be flexible for the builder. The universal camera mounts provided work for either the original DJI camera or the Caddx cameras that go with the DJI FPV system. Convenient placement of zip tie holes and a long fuselage provides plenty of room for your ESCs, flight controller, receiver, Pololu regulators, and DJI air unit. 

Summary of Features

  • Arms are easy to swap out if broken
  • Integrated silicone damping reduces frame resonance
  • Extra thick carbon reduces vibration amplitude and increases durability
  • Easy installation of components and plenty of room and mounting points inside


  • 4 inch propellers recommended
  • Arm thickness is 6mm, top and sandwich plates are 2.5mm
  • Bottom plate and rims are 2mm thick
  • Frame weight is 240g without components
  • Total width including rims is 296mm across
  • With components and camera cage installed, weight is 1040g without lens or battery

Kit Includes

  • 4X 6mm arms
  • 1X 6mm torsion brace
  • 1X 2.5mm top plate
  • 1X 2.5mm sandwich plate
  • 1X 2mm bottom plate
  • 4X 2mm rims
  • TPU cradle for DJI air unit
  • TPU universal FPV camera mounts
  • 8X M3 x 35mm standoffs
  • 12X M3 x 20mm standoffs
  • Stainless steel hardware (including 16X 8mm motor screws)
  • Silicone adhesive-backed sheet 

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