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Yes, it's that good! Le Pigeon 3.0 frame is a culmination of 14 previous designs that built upon each other to achieve the best performing platform for the naked BMPCC4K cage. 

For detailed information on recommended parts check out the Pigeon 3.0 Rotorbuilds page.

Check out my GrabCAD page for 3D printing your own spare TPU parts.

At 250g for this frame, it's not an ultralight, but it's also not a brick. A balance was struck between durability, rigidity, and weight. The added strength with the 3mm plates and 8mm thick arms provides a factor of safety for builders so that even with janky motors and chewed up props, the drone can still fly quite well. On set, nothing ever happens exactly as planned and there are always unforeseen events that as a pilot, you must manage. At least with Le Pigeon frame, you don't have to worry if your footage will be smooth or not. 

A new unique feature with this 3.0 frame design is integrated damping between the arms which reduces vibration transmission. In addition, with the H layout the arms are separate from the flight stack screws which makes replacing broken arms much easier.

This frame is designed to be flexible for the builder. The universal camera mounts provided work for either the original DJI camera or the Caddx cameras that go with the DJI FPV system. Convenient placement of zip tie holes and a long fuselage provides plenty of room for your ESCs, flight controller, receiver, Pololu regulators, and DJI air unit. 

Summary of Features

  • Hybrid H layout provides extra rigid mounting points for BMPCC4K cage
  • Arms are easy to swap out if broken
  • Integrated silicone damping reduces frame resonance
  • Extra thick carbon reduces vibration amplitude and increases durability
  • Easy installation of components and plenty of room inside


  • Arm thickness is 8mm, top and sandwich plates are 3mm
  • Bottom plate is 2.5mm thick
  • Frame weight is 250g without components
  • Motor-to-motor diagonal dimension is 350mm

Kit Includes

  • 4X 8mm arms
  • 1X 8mm torsion brace
  • 1X 3mm top plate
  • 1X 3mm sandwich plate
  • 1X 2.5mm bottom plate
  • TPU landing feet
  • TPU cradle for DJI air unit
  • TPU universal FPV camera mounts
  • 8X M3 x 35mm standoffs
  • Stainless steel hardware (including 16X 10mm motor screws)
  • Silicone adhesive-backed sheet 

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