Le Pigeon 8in Extended Arms

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These arms allow you to upgrade your Pigeon into a bigger bird! Specifically these arms will allow 8in propellers to be installed. One reason for this is to have a more efficient long range setup using a motor around the 2810 size with a kV of about 900kV on 6S. With a big enough Li-ion pack, some impressive flight times could be achieved. 

Alternatively an 8in setup would be well suited for an extra powerful 8S "Crack Pigeon" using the iFlight 3110 900kV motors on 8S voltage (two 2600-3300mah 4s packs in series). This would be great for chasing high speed subjects like race cars and airplanes. I recommend the iFlight 80a 8S 4in1 ESC for a project like this.  


  • Fits 8 inch props
  • 8mm thickness carbon fiber
  • Fits Le Pigeon frame
  • All four arms are identical and interchangeable


  • 4X extended 8in arms for Le Pigeon frame