La Mamba RS2 Gimbal Adapter

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WARNING: This is an untested application for La Mamba!

Try this at your own risk and expense and be careful. This might not work with La Mamba because it was never designed to carry a gimbal. It can produce plenty of thrust to carry a 6lb RS2/Komodo payload but the issue is that the mounting location for this adapter must be placed slightly forward instead of centered due to the staggered arm design of La Mamba.

This may be a problem because having a camera mounted on a gimbal already puts the center of gravity further from the drone and when pitching forward to fly, that C.O.G. also goes forward. If the gimbal is mounted slightly forward like it would be on La Mamba, then the drone may not be stable in forward flight because it constantly has to fight to keep itself from falling over.

BUT it's possible that it is totally fine and someone just needs to try it out to see if it works or not. 


  • 4.0mm thickness carbon fiber
  • 45mm length 1/4-20" countersunk slot fits most RS2 power adapter bases.