HQProp D6X4.5X3 Grey for Cinewhoop

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This is the top recommended propeller for the Vulture frame! The HQ Prop 6x4.5x3 cinewhoop prop is designed to carry heavy payloads under high RPM without exploding. Its aggressive pitch and stiff design provides surprisingly high amounts of thrust with the right motor, a necessary attribute for a compact "MiniLifter" like the Vulture. These props have no problem even when used on Brother Hobby 3008 1900kV motors and 1.5kg RED Komodo payload:

See stress testing on Instagram here!

For motor recommendations be sure to study the Vulture Rotorbuilds page.


  • 6 inch diameter
  • 3 blades
  • 4.5 inch pitch
  • Polycarbonate
  • 5mm shaft mounting
  • 7.5g weight (hefty!)
  • Hub diameter 13mm
  • Hub thickness 6.8mm


  • 2X CW HQ 6x4.5x3R grey cinewhoop propeller
  • 2X CCW HQ 6x4.5x3 grey cinewhoop propeller