Le Puffin 4 inch Ducts

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First off, you can print your own TPU ducts if you wish using the STL files provided on my Le Puffin GrabCAD page.

These ducts can be great for indoor use and around people or fragile/expensive things. They are designed to slow Le Puffin way down and make it easier to control the drone at slow speeds when navigating small scale obstacles. The ducts also provide better protection from the rotating propeller blades and add that extra factor of safety. In addition there may be a flight time improvement over no ducts despite the extra weight cost.

Le Puffin duct bottom view close up

These TPU ducts act like car tires and easily seat themselves using grooves that align with the structural carbon fiber rings. This way you get the best of both worlds, the durability and softness of TPU for guiding airflow, and the rigid impact resistance of the carbon fiber for protecting the propeller blades. 

Le Puffin Duct groove close up


  • Made for 4 inch propellers
  • Soft 95A TPU for increase durability
  • Each weigh about 29g
  • The total height is 44mm

Kit Includes

  • 4X TPU Propeller ducts for Le Puffin