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For information on assembly and other helpful videos, please visit the Pigeon 3.0 Rotorbuilds page.

Check out my GrabCAD page for 3D printing your own spare TPU parts and accessories for video stabilization tools.

Imagine the implications of a cinema camera that weighs 400g...

Reducing payload weight by almost half, this "naked" Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cinema Camera cage creates new possibilities for cinema drones. The only components required for the camera to record in the air are the main PCB and sensor assembly. This tremendous weight savings now puts "Le Pigeon" and "Le Puffin" into a whole new category of drone. Not exactly a "cinelifter" nor a miniquad, but rather a truly integrated cinema FPV drone.

A keystone feature of this kit is the naked LCD monitor that connects with a ribbon cable extension system designed by Straw Hat Sam. This capability enables users to run the latest firmware versions on their Pocket 4K cameras and have a convenient and reliable means of controlling all camera settings and dialing in the desired image. 

Designed from carbon fiber, this cage is the result of one year of rigorous testing and iteration to achieve a platform that is lightweight without compromising ruggedness. All plates are 2.5mm thickness, clearance inside the cage is 20mm, and the main PCB is soft mounted. The lens mount is embedded into a carbon fiber plate which takes the forces during an impact. All these design choices derived from real-world testing (and crashing), increase the chance that the camera will be unharmed in a minor collision.

Quick and easy workflow for a camera on set is a critical factor that must be taken into account. To address this, Straw Hat Sam designed flexible PCB accessories that solve all the problems that come with stripping the guts out of the BMPCC4K. In the first version of this cage design, bluetooth was the only means of changing camera settings and recording. Now, with the flexible PCBs included with this kit, users can access all the camera's functions via the LCD extension that utilizes a 20cm long ribbon cable jumper to connect and disconnect the "naked" monitor with ease.

Manual switches now allow the operator to start and stop recording with the press of a button and to turn the camera on/off independently from the drone. The sensor ribbon cable that comes with this kit was designed to optimize this cage in multiple ways. By extending the length and introducing a 90 degree turn, the sensor ribbon cable is now routed safely underneath the top plate. This enables +45 to -30 degree tilt range for the lens and makes the lens sit further forward which reduces props in view and improves the center of gravity when balanced with a battery on the back. 

Summary of Features

  • LCD extension system enables quick and reliable access to camera settings and image preview
  • Manual switches for turning the camera on/off and recording
  • Custom 90 degree sensor ribbon cable improves durability, range of motion, field of view, and center of gravity
  • Rugged carbon fiber and TPU design protects the valuable PCBs in minor crashes
  • Cooling fan prevents the CPU from overheating on the bench
  • Silicone soft mounting of the PCB allows room for movement during hard impacts
  • BetaGel extra soft mounts filter out vibrations for smooth footage 
  • "Travel Mode" is achieved by removing the two thumbscrews and folding the lens mount down flat


  • This kits fits the BMPCC4K only, not the 6K
  • Camera cage is 2.5mm thick carbon fiber and LCD case is 2.0mm
  • Camera cage when fully assembled weighs just under 400g
  • Naked LCD case measures 168x78x14mm and weighs 120g
  • Mounting hole dimensions for the camera cage are 90x124mm rectangular (for those of you that wish to design their own drone frames for this product)
  • Tilt angle range for the lens is +45 degrees to -30 degrees. 

Kit Includes

  • Carbon fiber frame parts
  • LCD extension flex PCB
  • Monitor extension flex PCB
  • LCD jumper cable flex PCB
  • REC/ON-OFF flex PCB
  • 90 degree sensor ribbon flex PCB
  • Power port PCB with Pico EZmate cable and JST PH 2.0 connector pair
  • Mini CPU cooling Fan
  • Tactile record button
  • Mechanical ON/OFF switch
  • XT30 male and female connector
  • XT30 PCB board mount
  • 4X 3D printed washer spacers for BetaGels


  • 3D printed TPU accessories
  • 3D printed Nylon lens mount
  • 3D printed Nylon LCD buttons housing
  • Stainless Steel screws and nuts
  • M3 standoffs


  • Ummagrip
  • 2X 250mm battery straps
  • 4X BetaGel extra soft bushings
  • Silicone tubing for PCB Damping
  • EMF shielding tape


Kit does not include the Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cinema Camera or assembly tools.

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