50V 1500uF Low ESR Capacitor (short fat)

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Power filtration is extremely important for high value, high performance cinema drones like La Mamba and La Viper. This capacitor is meant to be soldered to the main battery terminals of your 4 in 1 ESC. Cut the metal legs short and solder an 18awg wire to extend the leads to the ESC in order to reduce electrical resistance and provide strain relief for the capacitor legs. 

*NOTE: If using this 50V 1500uF capacitor on La Mamba frame, because it is shorter and fatter, mount it 90 degrees different than what I did in the build video below. You can also use 50V 1300uF caps on La Mamba as well, but since they are long and skinny you mount them length-wise.

Also, this capacitor might fit in your Pigeon/Puffin frame, but because it is fatter it will be a much tighter fit than the 50V 1300uF capacitor sold on this site. 


  • 50V 1500uF
  • Suitable for 6-8S voltage
  • Low ESR (High ripple current capacity and long service life)
  • Cylinder dimensions are 26.5mm length x 16mm diameter
  • Recommended wire extension is 18awg


  • 1X 50V 1500uF capacitor