50V 100uF Low ESR Capacitor

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When powering your naked Blackmagic camera and/or your FPV video transmitter, it is wise to use a reliable BEC such as the Pololu 12V 4.5 regulator. In addition to that, I recommend soldering a small capacitor to the POWER IN side of the regulator (Vin and GND) to clean up any system noise before it enters the BEC. 

For larger cinelifters, I recommend soldering one of these capacitors to the flight controller to the Vbat and GND pads to reduce the chance of your FC rebooting mid-flight due to ESC noise. 


  • 50V 100uF
  • Cylinder dimensions are 12.5mm length x 8mm diameter
  • Low ESR


  • 1X 50V 100uF capacitor